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Assign LOR Audio Output to a USB Sound Device


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Hi everyone,


For some reason, my FM02 transmitter decided to let the magic blue smoke out of the capacitors this year. (No polarity or power issue.) I replaced it with a V-FMT212R and have been thoroughly enjoying it. The RDS is cool, the compression on the TX makes a world of difference, and generally it's an awesome little device.


....except for one thing.


LOR uses the Default System Sound for its output. Which means no gaming or doing anything involving audio while the show is running.


I've already submitted a ticket and they said they would consider it, but how many other people would find it useful to have LOR be able to choose its output device directly? With this feature, you could dedicate a separate sound card, USB speaker, or (in the case of the V-FMT212R) a transmitter to exclusive LOR use.



If anyone has any ideas about a workaround, I'd appreciate learning about them. I've heard of Virtual Audio Cable, but man, this isn't the right time of year to be spending more and more money. The upgrade to Advanced to use the RDS was on the fence for awhile!




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