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Looking for someone to sequence some songs for me...

Daryl Hurd

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I am not so hot at sequencing and I am looking for someone to sequence some songs for me..

Who is good at sequencing to do large RGB pixel displays?


Here is my rough set up...

3 large wall of stars... Each wall 160 pixels  1440 channels

30 ground holiday coro stars       30 pixels    90 channels

100 ground holiday coro stars     100 pixels   300 channels

8 holiday coro candy canes        128 pixels   384 channels

4 holidaycoro canes and 4 columns 128 pixels   384 channels

1 GeekMyTree 8 ft tree            400 pixels  1200 channels

1 3 color MegaTree LED strings            48 channels

16 3 color Mini trees                             48 channels

3 16 channel controllers of white lights  48 channels
(on other side of street)

2 16 channel controllers controlling various items  32 channels

       4000 channels roughly

I can send a photo and .lcc file so you can see an exact channel count.


for these songs:
SpongeBob Square Pants-Christmas Song.mp3     2mins
Twisted sister - White Christmas SHORT MIX.mp3 1:33mins
TSO_-_Good_King_Joy_short.mp3                         2:12mins

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