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Cutting Christmas lights or LED's making them shorter.


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That do-it-yourself Christmas page has good info on the subject, but it assumes that all mini bulbs are 2.5v. That is the most common voltage, but other mini lights are available, including 3.5v (35-bulb strings), 6v (20-bulb strings), and 12v (10-bulb strings).

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This is my first year doing LOR and spent a huge amount of time getting my lights up. Everything has been cut to length on the eaves, doors and windows. i watched several good videos on youtube on this and how to. I run 100% LED. All I saw showed to keep the last light in line in. 3 wires to it 2 after. I have cut strings down to 4 feet and have had no issues. Yes I did use some of the cut out sections to lengthen other sections, still no issues. You have to ensure with the LED that you wire them in to have the power going the same way as from the factory as they are diodes and power will only go through in one direction.

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