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Error opening sequence exported from Superstar


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I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this same issue.  I don't see any resolution of the issue posted here in the forum.


I created an Instant Sequence using Super Star, then exported to an LMS format.  When I attempt to open the LMS file in Sequence Editor, I get the same error message mentioned above.  Yet if I attempt to just create a sequence directly in Sequence Editor and use the original MP3 file, it plays just fine.


Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

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This typically means that the sequence file has become corrupted on disk (it has nothing to do with the MP3).  LOR actually automatically reloads the file immediately after saving it to make sure that it was saved correctly (and won't finalize the save if it can't be reloaded), and so this corruption probably occurred outside of LOR.


One thing you can do is look for backup copies of the file.  When LOR saves, let's say, MySequence.lms, it first makes a copy of the existing MySequence.lms to MySequence.lms.bak.  So look for MySequence.lms.bak and rename it to MySequence-recover.lms (or whatever) and see if that works.  It of course won't include the most recent change you made (i.e. what you changed between the last time you loaded it and the last time you saved it), but it should include everything prior to that.


Please note that your Windows Explorer might be set up with an option called "Hide extensions for known file types" turned on, in which case MySequence.lms and MySequence.lms.bak might show up for you as MySequence and MySequence.lms, respectively, or perhaps MySequence and MySequence.lms.bak, respectively, so be careful to make sure that you're actually dealing with the file you think you're dealing with.  I recommend turning this Windows Explorer option off, frankly.


If this does not help, or does not help sufficiently, please send me (bob@lightorama.com) an email containing the following information:


(1) This thread's URL, which is:




(2) The version number of Light-O-Rama that you are using.


(3) A copy of the sequence file that you're having this problem with.


I may be able to recover the data from the corrupt file.  I cannot promise that I will be able to, nor can I promise that I will be able to recover all of it even if I am able to recover some.


Also, just for the future: It's always a good idea to periodically make your own backup copies of your data.





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