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CTB16PC to Pixels


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I have been on many sights researching Pixels. I have a two CTB16PC controllers & I can't seem to find out what I will need besides the following

e682 sandevice

12-12v pixels strips(50 per strip)

350 W power supply

I think I have to go with the e682 as it is the only one I can find that has ethernet. I don't have any DMX or know anything about it.

If I am misstating anything or am way off please advise. I am looking to make a mega tree for next year and not sure how it will incorporate with my current all LED show if I tried to convert to DMX for Pixels or can I stay away from DMX all together. Sorry for the babbling, and thanks in advance.

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Have you looked into Holidaycoro's tree? Pretty much plug and play. I am very happy with it. The Pixlite16 it comes with is Ethernet. A little more money but it comes assembled ready to go.

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Hi Newtour,


First the CTB16PC is a 16 channel A.C. controller. While pixels are D.C. devices. So there is no way you can use the CTB16PC to control pixels. Now Pixels come in two flavors. First is the DUMB pixel where all of the pixels on a string or strip turn to the same color. For Dumb pixels you can use one of the D.C. controllers that LOR sells. Now the other flavor is called smart pixels. Where each pixel is controlled separately. LOR does not at this time make such a controller. As you have noted Sandevices makes the e682 and the e6804 controller. The e682 has more ports and more universes than the e6804. There is another one but I cant remember its name. Sure someone will jump in and provide its name. Oh and it works off of the Ethernet and IP addresses. Dont need another dongle aka adapter.

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Thanks guys for the input. Ron the link is very helpful!!! Max Thank you for your input-I knew I couldn't use the CTB16PC for the pixels just didn't know how or if LOR software will play one sequence with both the CTB16PC's running and e682's. Sorry totally new to Pixel.

Once again thanks to the LOR members I will go ahead and take on this challenge. I will however obviously not run this until next year. I have alot to learn like setting up superstar for my new 12 channel pixel tree. Hopefully it is like visualizer and you have props and fixtures.

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