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Command to copy Show log file before restart?


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I am having a goofy situation. The show, occasionally, will shut down the light linker and I loose 4 displays on that leg of the network. Rebooting the PC solves the problem sometimes for an hour and sometimes for the whole evening. I wrote a simple batch file where I can do a remote boot of the PC running the show but I would also like to copy the log file to determine if it's a particular sequence causing the problem. I do this with team viewer on my phone so it's quite difficult to click the copy log button, open notepad, and paste the file with a new name. The mp3 file just is a short audio file that broadcasts to alert the viewers there was a naughty elf. Any Ideas?



@echo off
shutdown /g /m \\SHOW-PC
start C:\Santa_Shutdown.mp3

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I found the problem that was causing the lockup but I can't change the title of this topic. I was going though all of the audio files to "normalize" them for a better broadcast. Unfortunately, I inadvertently I overwrote the audio of one of of the songs to the title of a different song in the sequence. Obviously, the total time of the sequence was now off along with the animation in the sequence. But because the sequence and audio had a different total time, this caused the network crash. I didn't catch this until the end of the season but was able to correct it and the crashes stopped. Is there any way to do an "error check" in the software to ensure the length of the audio file matches the length of the sequence? It sure would be a help!

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