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I downloaded a couple new sequences from a generous forum member.  I successfully attached the music files and saved them but they don't show up in the simple show builder.  

In Sequence editor they show up in new sequences but not existing sequences.  

What am I doing wrong?

When is the first LOR training session?  I need it BAD!!!


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The Simple Show Builder (SSB) will only read from the default LOR data directory. That is the location you chose the first time you ran the software. The default is on your "My Documents" Light-O-Rama directory. Look there for a "Sequences" folder. Copy the downloaded sequence there, and it will show up in the SSB.


Don't know where your default directory is? Reset it. Instructions here.


As for classes run by LOR, those are usually in the fall. However, I usually have some throughout the year. Check my site and/or join my newsletter to learn about when they might be held.

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