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Doubts about DC controllers and software

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Hello friends:

​I want to make my own animated ligths with LED and I have see the 16 channel DC controller, but I have doubts...


​1) Exists the 16 Channels DC controller for KIT (DIY)?, which is the price?.

​2) Can I use 2 DC controllers to have 32 channels with only one PC?.

​3) The software is Free for 2 controllers?.

​4) Need I any more than software, controller, pc and led lights to start?.

Thanks in advance!!.

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I might have missed it on the LOR site, but I can't find a DIY kit for a DC board. 


You could get a 24 channel DC board with a generic starter kit though.


You can run hundreds, if not thousands of controllers from a single computer.


The Basic level license is free in the Starter Kits. However, there are no DC starter kits available, just AC. 


You would need a USB-RS485 adapter from this page.

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