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problem getting show sync'ed when using CCRs


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I have 9 units (144 channels) and 8 CCR and 1 CCB in my show.  I have one unit that is a 1602MP3 and use that with a SD card  to run my show. Firmware versions are as follows:

32LD-G3à Ver 1.08

16PC-G3à Ver 1.06  ( on all 8 units)


CCB100à Ver 1.16

CR150Dà Ver 1.17 ( all 8 Units)


I have a total of about 400 Ft of Cat5 cabling connecting all units.


My problem is when I include any CCR’s or CCB in my show, I seem to miss several sequences and my show is way out of sync with the music ( about 6-10 sec).


I don’t know if it is a cabling issue, Firmware issue, or set up issue, or something else???

Also, it seems like when I use Superstar to generate the sequences for the CCR’s with my music ,export to sequence editor, and then past it into my main show program, the Show plays way out of sync ( 6-10 Secs).


When I use superstar to generate the sequences for the CCR, but with out any Music, then export it to the sequence editor, and then past it into my main show program , it either work properly or is just slightly out of sync.


This problem occurs whether I run the program from my computer via Sequence editor or I burn an SD chip and play it via my 1602MP3 unit




​What âme I doing wrong? Anyone ever have a similar problem?

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Since I dont have a 1602MP3 I cant say for 100% sure..

But I would suggest that maybe running 144 channels, 8 CCR's and a CCB on a single LOR network might be a issue.


I found this thread



and unfortunately it appears the 1602MP3 does not support multiple networks ...


IF.. (and I may be way off.. ) network congestion is your problem,


You may have to consider moving to a PC to drive your show.



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The 1602mp3 was designed before CCRs were around. It has enough bandwidth to run maybe one or two CCRs. I personally saw a fellow who had a 1602mp3 and had 4 CCRs and even with just 4 CCRs his sequence was lagging behind the music by several seconds by the end of the song.


The new G3-MP3 has two networks that support the new 500K speed. With the G3-MP3 you can run up to 24 CCRs.


If you want to run more than one or two CCRs you will need to get the G3-MP3

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I have have similar problem. The second network which controls only 10 ccp strings causing this. We eliminate a lot, down to having the text merry christmas and happy new year text scrolling across the board. It still jerks a lot. I am waiting for technical support to het back to me.

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Scrolling text will have a tendency to be jerky. The things you can do that should help are:


1) Use the 500K network speed

2) Using Red text is best. Using Green or Blue text is next best. Any other color will jerk more because it requires more channel commands to create other colors. White is the worst case because it uses red, green, and blue.

3) Slow the text down

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