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Wire cutters, is this a good idea?

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Before I destroy a good set of lights, has anyone tried this? I have a 100 lamp led light string I would like to shorten. Having to add a resistor to the shorten end to use the extra power that shorting the string put on to the remaining lights is above my pay grade. These a good quality strings from a vendor in Kansas

They have the 115 volt plug and two wires to the first blob, then three wires from there to the second blob and three wires to the third blob and then two wires to the end female plug. Is it possible to cut this into three sections? I don't care if I lose the ability to connect strings together. I would have to understand which of the three wire would need to connect to the added male plug.

Thanks and hope your shows are up a running the way you intended.


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One wire is the HOT, one wire is the Nuetral for that section and one wire is the pass thru 110 Volts.  From bulb to bulb is the hot.  If you cut one of the other wires (with the power OFF and tape off the ends to avoid shorting things out)  when you plug them back in for a SECOND and if the lights come ON then you cut the pass thru wire if NOT you cut the neutral wire.

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Yes we know of the vendor you speak of. Thus I am fairly sure you have full wave LEDs. Full wave LEDs will need a rectifier. More than likely the blobs or as some of us have called them in the past "wire warts" will have first one two diodes and in the second one will have 4 diodes. Two for the first section and two for the second section. Then the last blob will have two diodes for the last or second section. I agree with Grinch that one wire is the 120V hot and other is the 120V neutral. With the 3 wire supplying power to the LEDs. You need two blobs to make a section to work..

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