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Running sequences in a the Show

Larry Dietrich

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I have been using LOR for the past 7 years. This year I down sized my show do to a surgery. Last year I ran 160 channels LOR and 27 channels DMX, no problem at all. This year I am only running 16 channels LOR and 27 channels DMX. I am using all of the same sequences I used last year, only modified to 16 channels. The issues I am having is when the sequence is running in the show, I do not get any dimming of the lights. They try to dim but the action is course, shaky. I than ran the sequences using the sequence editor, the sequences ran PERFECTLY. I have never had this type of problem. My show computer is running XP, I loaded everything on to a Windows 7 computer and am having the same problem. I update my software, I am running 3.12. Some of my lights are LED this year, last year no LEDs except for the 27 channels of DMX. I have snubbers connected to the LED strings, 470K ohms, problem is still there. I purchased dimmable LEDs from Holiday Light Express. Do you have any ideas as to what is going on. If you would like to have a video I can supply that for you.

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