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Newbie Help Please! Connect to computer


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I purchased a USED LOR1602MP3.  So far I am not able to get it to work.  I have put shows on a card but nothing happens.  I have no idea what version of the firmware I have.   


The unit came with just the unit no cables(except cable from MP3 to LOR) or anything.   I purchased a generic RJ-45 connector.  Can someone please give me steps on how to connect it to computer and to where..


DO I unplug the MP3 cable to the LOR  

?o I use the second connector and leave MP3 plugged in?

Can I test my LOR without the MP3..where could I connect that?


I am really disappointed and wanted to have a show for this Christmas :(

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A generic USB to RJ45 adapter won't work. You need one from LOR. 


Once you have that, go with the Simple Configuration example. You would simply not plug anything into the Director ports, rather just the port on the controller.

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