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Multiple Back-To-Back Shows


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My show computer is having BIOS problems so I have transferred my sequences and show to a back up computer.  It's configured with the 4GB patch and running compressed sequences, but evidently, it doesn't have enough memory to load the entire show.  I can get through about four songs without delay between sequences, then it has the lag between songs as it loads each sequence.  


I haven't tried this yet, but will set it up later today and see what happens.  I would like to break the single show into two or three smaller shows and have them run back-to-back.  I assume that there would be some lag time between each show as the new show would load into memory, but I am wondering about establishing start times for each "sub-show".  When I schedule each show to start, will I have to be accurate as to time length of the previous show.  In other words, if the sequences in one show last 12 minutes and 36 seconds, do I need to make a schedule that will start the next show at exactly 12 minutes and 36 seconds after the start time of the first show or will LOR just delay the start time of the second show until the song playing in the first show ends and then load the second show?  My entire show is about 45 minutes long and runs for four hours.  I am not sure how accurate I could get on timing of shows.  I could figure out the exact length of the songs, but would not be able to calculate the time it would take for LOR to load a new "sub-show" at the end of the previous one.


Is all this as clear as mud?



The back-up PC has an i3 processor, 8GB memory, and a 500GB hard drive.  Not being that knowledgeable about computers, seems the memory should be sufficient, maybe there is something else going on here?

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Your computer should be fine. Its far faster than my show computer and that's running my 4,535 channel show just fine.

Yes, scheduling mini shows as you asked about would be a royal pain.

What does the LOR status monitor show when you have the delays? That should tell you what is happening.

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Thanks for the info about the computer.  After I read this, I went back and rechedked the show machine for the umpteenth time.  The 4gb patch did not install.  I have successfully installed that patch on three different machines, but for some reason I could not get it to install on this new machine.  I finally went to a command line and installed it.  Running the show now and no lags, etc.  The only thing different that I can see on this machine is that it has Windows 7 Professional installed and all my others have 7 Home Premium, don't know if that makes a difference on installation or not.  Thanks again for jogging the old memory.

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