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The best troubleshooting device

Santas Helper

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A cable tester!!!!!!!




There are so many requests for help on problems being experienced.

Alot of people say, oh my cable looks good or it's the correct style but they don't REALLY know how it's functioning. Is there a break? Is it a crossover?


It could be the USB adapter, or the controller, or the ELL, or the computer, or HW Utility. What is common with all these possibilities? A cat5/cat6 cable!!!


These testers can be purchased quite cheap and should be in every LOR owners household.


Buy it, wrap it and put it under the tree, tagged to yourself, from Santa. :)


Just my 2 cents.




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Though I agree. I have been doing IT for over twenty years...

I bought most of my tools in pawn shops. Toners, testers, crimpers are all available if you look.

Most shops are ready to deal because most pawn shoppers have no idea what the specialty tools are used for. 

The shop owners just want them off of their shelves. Usually they are using up valuable display space in the locked glass cabinets.

I once saw an entire fiber tool box in a pawn shop; scope, barrels, paper, everything you would need to complete over 100 fiber connectors.

It was 100.00 for probably 1000.00 worth of supplies. But who would have ever known what it was?


I love pawn shops.

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