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here are links to my approx 78 seq. ... I hope they work for my drop boxes

Old Sarge

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I hope it works if not let me know I am new to using drop boxes etc. Also new to trying to make sequences... 








​my boxes go to  gather 


dont shoot me for not trying for perfection in my timing etc. I do it for fun not for sale or trying to make anything off of them.

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YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I just checked them and they are working.... for me they worked anyway...lol


Any way... I hope all who use my files please just remember the military inyour show for helping keep it possible for you to have one..


Thank You and 

PS.. I am a newbie so please do not expect perfect timing etc. and some are still in progress of being worked on by me.. 


Have Fun and wishing all a very Merry Christmas.... and my thanks go out to all the ones who sent me things in the past couple months to help me learn things here..

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above should be the two drop boxes so you can download what you want from them..

Christmas LOR 2014 seq.

My set up is 48 Channel

1. mega tree, 16 channel  2 color (multi and blue), 8  mini trees all multi color 1 channel  each, Eves of house 3 channel three color led roped (Red, Blue and White, 2 archs, two connected as 1 for a total of 4 but set the opposite so when one goes left to right the other goes R to L, 1 channel for Rudolf red nose deer, 1 channel for 4 yard deer connected together 2 channel for mega tree star, Multi and blue, 1 channel controlling 10 candy cane lining walk way.


In case you are wondering... I will run different shows at diff times and will also make a separate show basically for the younger kids(more things like frosty the snow man, Rudolf, etc. geared more for the younger kids at early times like as soon as it is dark for a couple shows then change to more rocking and music for the older people. . Some of my music will also have Spanish as I live in s. Cali. and my wife and her family helps pick it out for me to do for them.

If you see any here you would like to checkout send me the name and or number of what you would like and I will try to send it as soon as I can. My List Is constantly growing as I am retired and have lots of time on my hands.


1.       Adoro, Los Panchos

2.       All Day Music, War

3.       All I Want for Christmas is You, Mariah Carey

4.       Army, Navy, ,Marine, Cpoast Guard Melody, The Air Force Band

5.       Ava Maria, Jewel

6.       Bamboleo Melody

7.       Barking Dogs Jingle Bells

8.       Believe, Disney

9.       Blue Christmas, Elvis

10.   Camoflage and Christmas Lights, Rodney Carrington

11.   Cannon Rock,Trans Sibrian Orchestra

12.   Charlie Brown, Vince Guaraldi Trio

13.   Chicken Dance

14.   Christmas Celebration, BB King

15.   Christmas Cookies, George Straite

16.   Christmas Don't Be Late, The Chipmonks

17.   Contigo Aprendi, Los panchos

18.   Curse of the Ice Queen

19.   Dance of the Sugar Plum

20.   Decorations, The Beach Boys

21.   Do you Hear What I Hear

22.   Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, Frozen

23.   Don't Stop Believing, Journey

24.   El Burrito (The Burrito), Yerba Buena

25.   Fantasy, Earth Wind & Fire

26.   Feliz Navidad, Jose Feliciano

27.   Fina Estampa, Ramon Algeciras

28.   Frosty the Snow Man, Willie Nelson

29.   Fur Elsie,  Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown album)

30.   Getting in the Mood, Big Band swing

31.   Gimmi All Your Lovin, ZZ Top

32.   God Bless The USA, Lee Greenwood

33.   Granada, Ramon Algeciras (Flamingo Guitar)

34.   Green Sleeves, Trans Sibrian Orchestra

35.   Guajira, Santana

36.   Hark! The Herald Angles Sing, Jewel

37.   Jingle Bell Rock, Randy Travis

38.   Jingle Bells Barking Dogs

39.   Joy to the World, Ann Murray

40.   La Flor de la Canela,  Paco de Lucia, Ramon Algeciras

41.   Leroy The Red Neck Rain Deer, Joe Diffy

42.   Let it Go, Frozen

43.   Lil Drummer Boy 2012

44.   Little Saint Nick, Beach Boys

45.   Malaguena Salerosa, Ramon Algeciras

46.   Manger 6 Commercial, Tom Bodet

47.   Mele Kalikimaka, Bing Cosby(Cartoon)

48.   Music Box Dancer, Schwede

49.   My Favorite Time of the Year, Florin Street Band

50.   Nut Rocker, Trans Sibrian Orchestra

51.   O Holy Night, Jewel

52.   Please Come Home for Christmas, The Eagles

53.   Polar Express, Album cut

54.   Pop Corn, Hot Butter

55.   Queen of The Winter Night, Trans Sibrian Orchestra

56.   Rhythm is Gonna Get You, Gloria Estefan

57.   Rock This Town, Stray Cats

58.   Rock You, Queen

59.   Rockin Robin, The Coasters

60.   Rudolf Drank the Moon Shine, Blue Grass Christmas

61.   Rudolf the Red Nose Raindeer, Gene Autry

62.   Santa Baby, Eartha Kitt

63.   Santa Claus is Coming to town, Merle Haggard

64.   Santa Clause is Back in Town, Elvis Presley

65.   Siboney, Paco de Lucia, Ramon Algeciras

66.   Sleigh Ride, The Ventures

67.   So This is Christmas, John Lennon

68.   Soldiers Silent Night, Father Ted Berndt

69.   Stille Nacht, Jose Carreras

70.   Takin Care of Business, Bachman-Turner Overdrive

71.   The Angles Cried, Alan Jackson & Alison Krauss

72.   The Story in Your Eyes, Moody Blues

73.   The Very First Christmas, Spong Bob & Square Pants

74.   THX Repair of my lights,

75.   Volare, The Gypsy Kings

76.   William Tell Overture, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

77.   Wings of a Snow White Dove, Ferlin Huskey

78.   You’re a Mean one Mr Grinch, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

 Please If you download here remember our military and military Families in your shows because they are helping keep it so you can have a show and a safe Christmas and Holiday season.

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Thanks for sharing Sarge!  As a newbie myself, I really appreciate the extra support.


I think your generosity has crashed dropbox because I get an error message saying that too much traffic has caused them to temporarily disable your account.  I'll wait a while and try again.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I just checked it to and  it still said my account was generating to much traffic and has been temporarly closed.... Imagine that...

I never would have figured that would happen...


has it happened to anyone else??


If do you have any idea before they open it again..llyou welcome to all that was able to download before they closed it for to much traffic..... lol.... maybe they will open it again soon but then probably close it the same day again...


anyone have any other ideas where I can post my stuff so you can download it easily?


If you do please let me know as long as it is a free site..



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Thanks for sharing, Sarge!  I am new to LOR this year.  Would love to receive by email to mortievondee@gmail.com the following:


7 - Barking Jingle Bells

19 - Sugar Plum Fairy

32 - God Bless the USA

42 - Let It Go

61 - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


Merry Christmas to you!


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How do I use Google Drive... I have never heard of it... or used it anyway. and is it free or will theydolike drop box and close me for having to much traffic??


please e mail me info about it... I will check it out.



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Hey Sarge,


I'm hoping to be able to get "Would You Like to Build a Snowman?"  I was able to get the music from your music dropbox link but I cannot get the other (sequence) link to open.  Please email this one sequence (I don't need the music) to jeremyjonirving@gmail.com


I would forever be in your debt :)




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How do I use Google Drive... I have never heard of it... or used it anyway. and is it free or will theydolike drop box and close me for having to much traffic??


please e mail me info about it... I will check it out.



If you have a google account, then it's quite easy. Hop into drive.google.com from there, you upload the files and then you can get a link from it (right click on the file you want to Share and you'll get a link). I've never used dropbox to host files, but I would imagine it's very similar. You can make the google drive "shareable" to those with the link and that's all they can do, or you can give them the ability to edit files.

Google Drive works great if, you don't have Microsoft Word or Excel as google has programs within drive that allow you to do just that. The functions are very similar in regards to where everything is located. It's great because you can access it from anywhere.

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Had problems with the drop box. to much traffic closed it... 


here is the link to them agaim. this box should be up and running with no problems. Please let me know if it is not.




and just remember the military people in your shows that are away from their families this time of the year..





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