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LOR1602MP3 - How does it know what time it is?


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Just got my LOR.   Its the time my show should start but how does the controller know what time it is..  Is there a way to make it start?

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Hook it up to the hardware utility, under the MP3 tab click the set time button. It will put the current time on the director. Use can also load it onto an SD card and put that into the director.

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Also, the newer Showtime Directors have a digital read out on them. If you got one of those, then you can easily tell the time. 


If you have an older 1602MP3, then you will have to set the time as Jim mentioned above. There is a way to set it manually, but you'd need to refer to the documentation on that one. It's 'fun' to say the least.


As for when the show starts; That will depend on how the show was programmed onto the SD card.

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