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Wife wanted ME to tell the bikers to turn down their radios....


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I was out on the driveway last night talking to a friend who had brought his kids by to watch the show and 17 bikers rolled up and parked at the curb. They cranked up the music and hopped off their bikes, (several had Christmas lights and 1 had an inflatable snowman). They watched the show, stuffed money in my donation box, chatted and generally had a good time in my driveway. Several asked how the show worked, how long it took to set up and how many lights. I passed out candy canes and chatted with as many as I could. My wife texted me asking if we should turn down the music, I didn't find the text until after the bikes had left, it was a little loud where I was at.... I asked as they were getting ready to roar off what and why, they said they were going all over town visiting light shows and making donations as a thank you to those who put in the extra effort to put on a big show for all to enjoy. I HAD A BLAST!

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