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Lag in playback on s3.11.2

Paul Wood

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We are having a problem with the sequence editor stuttering while running the standard 57k speed. I have a 500 adapter but when I bump up I loose all the gen2 units. I am running 3.11.2 win7pro 32bit I7 4gb ram with patch installed on SE and monitor. We have 180 LOR and 10 universes of dmx via e1.31.

ANY ideas.

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Trying bumping the speed to the middle level between 67 and 500 (117 or 115, can't remember which it is).  I have all first generation boards and have no problems running at that speed.  Also, if you haven't already installed it, install the 4gb patch in the LORMonitor file.

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It's possible that there's just too much going on in the sequence at certain points in time in order for all of the commands to go out over the comm line all at once. 


We've recently made a little tool to try to help out with situations like this.  It tries to automatically find short, rapid, consecutive effects, and "smooth" them out into fades up or down.  For example, if it finds five consecutive tenth-second effects at intensities 10%, 40%, 50%, 80%, and 90%, it will replace them with a single half-second fade up from 10% to 90%.  The result may not look exactly the same, but it may be close enough for human eyes, and it's definitely more efficient.


The tool is not ready to be released to the public - it's got a lot of rough edges and it's not very flexible - but if you would like, please send me (bob@lightorama.com) an email with the following information:


(1) This thread's URL, which is http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/34283-lag-in-playback-on-s3112/


(2) The output of the LOR Diagnostic tool


(3) The sequence or sequences you're seeing the lag issue on


... and I'll try the tool out on your sequences and send you back the results.


Otherwise, I'd suggest trying to simplify the effects that are happening at the problematic points in the sequences.

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