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Adding Songs to A Show While It Is Playing


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I think I have seen this suggestion before...but if not.


It would be nice to have the option of "DO NOT RESTART SHOW" when adding songs to a show that is currently playing.


I am watching and making and adding songs as I finish them or re-tweak them and don't really want my show to start all over from the beginning.



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If you're using the Show Editor, simply wait to save the file until your currently-running show reaches the end. Then you can save it and it will reload the show sequences and play the ones you updated.

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Then use the disable show immediately selection then save the song in the show file.  Then enable the show again. that's it. the show should start up as long as it's within the scheduled time.  If you don't want the show to suddenly stop use the disable show Gracefully selection. this will stop the show after the song that is playing finishes. 


Edited ...Oops I missed the part about starting from the beginning. This won't do what you want. my bad. :D  :wacko:  :wacko:

Edited by Box on Rails
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