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Hardware Utility wont find controllers


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Hi folks... I have just spent the last month putting up my display after installing 4 CMB24 controllers last year to run it all. I have added more lights to maixmize the spare channels i have and have gone to connect it all to the computer and cant get anything to work.


I have unistalled lightorama. drivers. etc etc. and spent the best part of a week trying different things...


I am wondering if the USB adaptor has died (if this is posible) I have it set up on device manager as COMM 4 and in the hardware utilty it comes up as COMM 4 and also the network preferences. the device manager shows it working perfectly and is running the driver i updated from LOR. 


reading through other posts the cat 5 cable is a regular issue but having swapped these around and even buying new ones still cant get it to go...


I have reset the boards and the lights are on and blinking 2x /sec.


I am running out of ideas and patience fast so anyhelp would be greatfully recieved.




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First question, did you change which controller is first connected to the adapter? Have you looked closely at the pins in the adapter that the Cat 5 cable connects to. I cant say I have heard of the pins getting messed up on the adapter like on the controllers. But hey anything is fair game to mess up. So your telling me that the little light bulb in the task bar over by the clock is there? And the Control lights is checked from the drop down menu?

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I'm not trying to pick on you particularly, but I find it amazing that the USB adapter is one of the most critical items we buy to run a light show and also one of the least expensive, and yet how many people don't have a spare. With a spare USB adapter, the problem could either be fixed or ruled out as the problem in about five minutes...

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