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Very strange side effect.....


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We thought we noticed this strange side effect last year but ignored it. Now we see the exact same thing happening. We have noticed that when the show runs, the time on the clock radio in our bedroom gets faster. After about 3 nights the clock is about 15 mins fast. We reset the clock and sure enough within one day the clock was fast. We noticed the days the show didn't run, the clock stayed the same. Anyone ever see anything this strange? Thanks Ron.

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So you're ready for work / school / church a little earlier, huh? Let me know how you did it so I can get mine moving too.

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William Bottomley had a situation a few years ago where he plugged something in backwards and his show ran in reverse. But I've not before heard of a clock speeding up.

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When I start my shows every year, all my clocks run faster too! Seems like as soon as I'm up and running, Jan 1st comes and it time to take it down and plan for the next year

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Most common clocks use the 60HZ cycle of the AC input to keep proper time.  It is possible that your show is causing noise on

the power line and introducing un-intended frequencies to get to your clock. so every time it gets another Peak or valley

in the input wave it may be adding seconds to the clock.  This is why Max-Paul is suggesting a filter bead on the power cord.

Or buy a better clock !


If you have a problem in your house power feed, like a loose neutral or Phase, running hi-amperage lights may cause

excessive flashing of your inside lights.


When I was running all C9 lights (pre LED switch) The lights in the house would flicker some and the Breaker Panel would sing

with the music !  I could tell what song was playing by how the panel sounded.



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