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Can LORII remember my screen settings on startup?


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I've even tried the old Windows trick of holding the Shift key when resizing (but no luck).

The Scheduler window is coming up with the bottom 10% below my Task Bar. I can't get it to remember that change either.

Am I missing a "save layout" command?

Thanks, JonB

edit - A more complete description - If I change the window size, but stay inside the area of Monitor #1, it saves that and restarts with the same size/location.

But - if I expand to two monitors (one above the other) and then quit, on the next start, it defaults back a small window in Monitor #1.

This is a minor annoyance out of a generally wonderful experience.

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OK, I'm assuming everyone with dual monitors just "lives with it"

I suppose this becomes a feature request, then.

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I have been 'living with it' too, but it would certainly be nice to not have to drag the animation window over, resize it, open the intensity and fade tool palettes, etc.. every time.

I add a second to the feature request.

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