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Came home yesterday and noticed one string of LED lights on spiral tree was on. Went to check it out and the

Controller cover was open. it had been raining all day and inside was wet. I closed the cover and figured I had shorted out a TRAIC. When the lights came on last night found out that the easy light Linker that feed the mega tree was down also. did I screw up putting the Linker in the weather? I ran a cat 5 across the driveway to get me through the night. how easy is it to replace a TRAIC. Any advice on the Linker?

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Sounds like me on Wednesday. I came home and 3 channels of my fence were on at 50%.... I knew without looking. Left the cover off of controller with 2" of rain. Good thing I have 5 extras. Oops. At least it was only a PC16. I'm not a fan of them anyways.

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One of my controllers stopped working when I left the cover open and it got wet. I replaced it with a spare, let it dry out for a few weeks, and it works again without any problem.


You should have a spare. You only need a spare board, not the entire enclosure and cords, because those can be swapped out. A spare board will cost you maybe $100 during the summer sale.

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