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Spiral tree channels and colors


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Amtrak! That is totally awesome! Love the mix of colour and direction! Well done!


Looks awesome! I'm still awestruck by some your guys displays! Love the layout of your House/display!


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I used 16 channels on my spiral tree.. alternated with (8) channel multicolored lights and (8) channel  blue lights.


Was my first year using LOR and made my mega tree with PVC frame and Mini trees are tomato cages on sale from Lowes at 50 cents each. I am a newbie so please do be to critical of my first efforts.. i am just learning here.


I made all my decorations myself... sorry about the video and sound being not as good as some.... My first year trying to video it to.


this year I am thinking of making my tree taller... It is now 12 ft with a 2 ft 2 channel star.



for all my videos for Halloween and Christmas



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