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LOR1602MP3 Firmware upgrade


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I recently purchased a used LOR1602MP3   How can I check and or where can I find if there are any firmware upgrades.  I saw on onther forum that an upgrade would add a timer function.  The one I purchased is 6 years old and seller indicated it has not been upgraded.


Can someone point me to instructions?



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Connect the unit to your computer, open the hardware utility, search for the unit and see what the firmware is on the unit already, go into the firmware box step 2 and see if the latest firmware is different than what you have installed on the box. Do the 3 steps to update.

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If I do not have a connector for a computer can I upgrade?


The manual says if the light chases 0 3 or 4 times you can tell the firmware.. mine chases 5!

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