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Show Your Christmas Past and Christmas Present - displays

Santas Helper

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I was looking back at some old pics and found some of one of my earlier display in 2008.
So I thought it would be neat to compare the two. So here they are.

Christmas Past:
There is a 12' mega tree, some mini lights, candy canes and other lights. Can't remember the channels but I think around 32.



Christmas Present:
35' mega tree, mini trees, LED floods, Icicles and more.
Haven't counted the total channels in a couple years.



How time can make a difference.

I know I have static pics from many years ago but don't think they are digital. I might work on that.

So can you share any Christmas Past and Christmas Present?

Animated or not, show your stuff!!!

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2011 Static with a Mr. Christmas.     http://335053_482497775094936_1336116124_o_zps6


2012 First year with LOR 48ch. and a better camera.    http://819206_558218730856173_1741639237_o_zpsc


2013 96ch.     http://1399646_707103045967740_1158357695_o_zps


No pic for this year yet.

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I haven't finished uploading Videos yet... but here's last years what did the fox say and this years what did the fox say. I redid it as I had requests this year.


2013 :

2014: https://vimeo.com/109812900



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oilmoney, what color is your house... i'm contemplating getting some rgb floods, but we have a darker tan color house. don't want it to be nonreflective.. yours is awesome

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My house is exactly that, darker tans and browns, and greys. I'm using a grid of 20 10w LOR floods, probably going to get 3 of the 50w floods for next year as well to light up any dark spots

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