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Nightmare Before Xmas Soundtrack


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Hi everyone,


Every year we do a nightmare before xmas Christmas display and this is my first year utilizing light-o-rama with it.  I have put together and coded a few of the songs, but am looking for the following songs off the soundtrack.  I have a 16 channel system, but am more than happy to take any size show and downsize it to my system.




Jack's Lament

Town Meeting Song

Jack's Obsession

Making Christmas

Sally's Song

Christmas Eve Montage


I know this is a lot of songs, but I already have worked on and completed the others.  If anyone has any of these I would be forever grateful.


Richard Morris


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Hello- I dont have anything from this sound track. I do have other Halloween and Christmas 16Ch to share. I would love to see anything you have done and happy to share mine.



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Just bumping this up to see if anyone has gotten anything.  Been working on Jack's Lament, but still have a ways to go.

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if you send me the sound track iI will see what I can do for you.. Just remember the military in your show is all I ask..

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