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Very detailed lights "always on" question


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OK, so I want to run my show from 6-10 but want STATIC lights on from 4-6 and 10 to 12.


I know I need to create an Animation Sequence for all 32 channels as a Show and insert that into the show builder.


Here is my problem, when I create the animation sequence and put in on the SD card (for my Director), the lights come on for a few seconds and then go off.  I"m sure I'm not doing something correct in the looping area but can't figure it out. 


So I'm going to run through the settings and someone please tell me where I am going  wrong.


For New Animation Options box I select the author: me, number of channels: 32 and check the box "Automatically set up channels to use standard LOR controllers"


Next it asks how long the animation should be and the default is 1:00.00 which I assume is One Minute


Next is how much time should be between timings with several options?  Default checked box is "a tenth of a second", should I keep that?

box below that is checked with "Use a fixed timing grid"  Do I keep that?


Next box that is default checked is "Use Loops"  -  assuming I keep that checked?


I click OK and then the grid comes up with two Units of 16 channels each showing, and a row at the top marked Loop 1.  The Time scale has 1 second increments.

This is the part I just don't get.  I'm assuming I Click the On Key (Green Square) and then populate all 32 rows with it and go out 10 seconds or so.

After that, do I loop somehow?  Not sure how to do that


When I click the loop row, and select insert Loop, how many times do I select Loop back?  I need to fill multiple hours of static on time.


Am I doing this right at all?


Thanks in advance everyone!



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Given that you are wanting to do things at different times, I'll hope this is a Showtime Director and not the mini-director.


Open the Hardware Utility and go to the MP3 tab. If you want *all* lights on then create a short, 1 to 3 minute sequence with all lights on. Set that to Loop Continuously. Schedule that show to run from 4-6. Write that as Show01. When that's done, change the times to 10-12 and write that as Show02.


Then create your show that you want to run between 6-10 and call it Show 03.

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Thanks Don,

So I've done everything you said but my issue is creating the 1-3min animation sequence.  When I do the looping and it asks how many times to loop, do I set up a 5 second loop and tell it to loop 20 times to complete a 1min show?


Thanks again!



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Don't worry about the loop in the sequence editor. Having the single sequence in the show, with loop continuously checked in the Hardware Utility will cause that animation to loop the entire time.

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Thanks Don.  I'll turn the Looping off in the sequence and then loop in the Hardware Utility.


Great!  Thanks!

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