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G3-MP3, lagging and compressed files


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I have a few questions.  My biggest file is 350MB and it shows lagging real bad.  I've told to use 4GB Patch on LORmonitor.exe file.  Does it help since I'm running the show on G3-MP3? 

I also read about compressing files might help.  How do I add compressed files to create a show in HW?  All I see is my uncompressed file.

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If you are using RGB devices just remember port 2 (Aux A) needs to be ran at 500k speed. I run my show via the Gen3 MP3 Player/Director as well.  Hello from Alberta.

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Hello Lightzilla


Yes I selected 500k speed but music and lights just don't match up.  My smaller sequences 34MB and 22MB have no problem.

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