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Voice Overs - What Do You Do?


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Richard Hamilton

nmonkman wrote:

Sorry, I was so amazed at Tim's intro that I forgot the question.

My intro welcomes them and gives the website address. It also reminds them of the following safety/courtesy items:

  1. Dim head lights, leave parking lights on
  3. don't block the road or driveways
  4. keep out of the yard
  5. keep the music down
  6. reminds them of the donation box (charity not electric bill...lol)

If you are collecting donation for charity, I programmed the intro to make the donation box flash on and off when I talk about it.

Hope that helps.


Do you mind if I steal your idea and use some clips. Not then ones you did, but some others. My mind is already turning.

Our announcements are very similar to the ones listed above. I guess Tim and I think a lot alike. We also flash the sign and donation box when talking about donations.

We don't do "Voice Overs" on the songs as it distracts from the show... actually "Voice Tracking" is the more common industry term. We use simple sound recording and editing software (Roxio) to have my son make recorded annoucements.

The only announcements between songs are to mention the name of the next song coming up. Other than that, we have an intro announcement at the beginning of the show as listed below, and then a shorter announcement about mid way through the show. Finally, there is a short ending announcement.

The intro mentions... welcome, show length, show times, how and where to park, safety reminder to watch for kids and not touch display, turn off lights, keep noise down to not disturb neighbors

End of show announces... thank you, next show coming up, donation box and the charity we give it to (there is also a lawn sign), We refer them to the web site for more detailed information. Then we have a two minute break for traffic to clear out.

Lastly, I uses "Zara Radio" software to make announcements and play Christmas songs during non-show hours (day and night). It automatically stops playing music when the LOR show starts. One nice touch is that I have an RDS encoder tied to Zara Radio and timed to LOR. The result is that on the car radios, it shows the name of the song that is currently playing and an occasional other message like our web site name. Most all radios in the last year have RDS decoding and displays built into them. I would be as happy as a pig in mud if Dan ever got around to putting a tie-in to RDS encoders so that messages and song titles could be sent out on the radio broadcast without needs to do that outside of LOR. (Pretty simple stuff)
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