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Lights start before music, waits, then syncs up?


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I have one sequence out of the 12 in the "show".  It's the first sequence, actually.  The lights will start.  Beautiful!  But no music.  Then the music starts about 1-2 secs later.  The lights pause (freeze) until the music catches up.  Then they go off together to finish the sequence just fine.


Using MP3 Director (SD card created via Hardware Utility).


All the other sequences in the show don't have this problem.  Running from the laptop (bypassing the MP3 Director), this sequence didn't have a problem, either.


Options chosen:

1) Plays during scheduled time

2) No optional start up sequence.

3)  Lock Step

4)  57.6K communication speed


34 controllers (mix of Residential and Pro (mostly); mix of G2 and G3 (mostly)).

500+ channels

Several wireless linkers out there.


So, what am I doing wrong?



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I would try raising your communications speed to 115K.

If you change your sequence order, does it always happened to the same some, or just the first song?

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Frank Farmer,


Thanks again for the ideas.


1.  Re-ordering the songs.  The same SONG still had the issue, regardless of position in the show.

2.  Raised the comm speed to 115K when creating the show on the SD card.  However, when I took that to the MP3 director, none of the lights from the ELL's worked.  I'm assuming I have to change the configuration of each of the ELL's before this would work.  That's a bit tedious with the number of ELL's I have.   So, will have to coordinate that test at a later date.


Thanks again.  Still looking for other options to look into.

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Would the following have anything to do with it?


Sequence Editor > Edit > Use Internal Media


This is checked for this troubled song.  But, it is also checked for a couple other sequences in my show which don't have a problem.  Other sequences in my show do NOT have this checked, and they have no problems.


Yes -- grasping at straws.

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You will probably have to upgrade the firmware in your ELL's to get the higher speed. I did it with my 4 units without any problems, made a big difference.


For your MP3 files, try running it through Audacity. Load it and then export it to another MP3.  This has fixed a couple of problems for me.

Just throwing a few things out there for you....

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