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Whole House Transmitter

Bruce Kryfka

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I'm trying to connect the transmitter up and I am confused. I have the Stereo Audio cable connected to the top of the xmitter and then that is connected to the stereo audio cable which is connected to the audio out ports on the stereo receiver. What cable gets connected to the computer so the sequence music plays out to the vehicles. Am I on the right track or did I screw up somewhere.

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Using your own words Bruce. You screwed up when you bought this model of transmitter. Good luck getting out to the street with a noiseless signal. Seems that no one researches. Every year I have told people to not buy this model. And I am not alone with this advice. But several people buy this model and then whine it does not work. Good luck, you might be that one in 500 who are happy with it.

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