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Ok, so I tried to do a last minute add of controllers to my display.  But once they arrived the boss said NO, NO, NO.  Since my "Lighting Shed" is unheated and uninsulated, and lacks a cot.  I think I need to comply.


She's letting me keep one, but I have to part with the other.  My loss is your gain.  I'd like to sell these as a package deal so you can make your own "Showtime System." 





What's for sale:


CTB16PC V2   This one is an assembled board with installed low power heat sinks.  I was told by the previous owner that it had only run LED's.  There is no enclosure, dongles, etc.  What you see is what you get.




The Showtime Director (version prior to G3)  (I upgraded and don't need two)


Asking $262.65 total for the set. 


Shipping flat rate USPS shipping price is figured in.  Buyer pays Paypal fees. 


Send me a PM



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You will probably have better luck if you post/price them separately.  Also change the subject to something like "CTB16PC For Sale" so people look.  Most are used to her saying no. :)

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