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Upcoming Sale on LOR Hardware and LED's


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We're going to have a sale this weekend on all current remaining inventory of Cosmic Color Pixels, Cosmic Color Ribbons, CTB16PC-RTG, RGB Strip 8 Pack, RGB Flood 8 Packs and LED lights.


The exact details of the sale will be going out sometime on Sunday via our Newsletter. If you've not joined our newsletter you can do so here.


If you are signed up for the Light-O-Rama mailing list you are *NOT* signed up for ours. You will not get the information if you are not subscribed to our newsletter.


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FYI.  Don.


My gmail account identified your email as spam, and placed it in the spam folder.  I located it, pushed the button indicating it wasn't spam, and all is well now.

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Hi Don,

Yes my email had been flagged in the spam as well (My email is hosted with Office 365) I have added it to my safe senders list now and placed my order.

Thank you,


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Gotta love those commercial email companies. *grrr* For those who are not on the newsletter, or didn't get it, we are having and end of year clearance. At least 10% off all remaining in stock CCP, CCR as well as other items. Visit store.synchronized.christmas to get started.

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I don't see anything regarding a "Sale" on the website either?

Look at the CCR'S and CCP's, you will see the sale price. Any item that is on sale will show the sale price when you look at the item.

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