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Seq Editor Issues with display (resolved)


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Guys, Im having a horrible time with LOR1 on a duel display system. I got a 20in widescreen monitor over the summer thinking how wonderfull it would be to edit shows on a screen this big. Instead the display is broken up , 2/3rds of the grid is not updating, it just stays white. I cant edit anything with it like this. Is LOR having a problem with my resolution, color, or even the drivers of my video card?

Im running a duel core Intel PC with a 20in Digital widescreen display, 1680x1050 res 16bit color

Another display is a 19 in analog CRT monitor at 1024x768 res 16bit color

Geforce 7600GS video card.

Im all up to date with LOR 161 as I dont run Vista

Any ideas how to make LOR behave??? This is driving me insane since I had no issues at all last year with LOR

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PLease disregard - I figured it out.... I do alot of gaming andsomthign must have been messed up, after a reboot all was ok with LOR and I now have full 1680x105 editing space. :P

Happy editing and good luck with the Show season.


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