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lights not working in sequence editor

jimmy sartain

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I have several of the CTB16PC and have added the CMB24D and floods . while in HWU every thing works fine, finding units ,testing the lights  ect, but when in sequence editor the  lights will not work. the sequence editor is playing the sequence but not lighting the lights . ,the led light flashes on controller a couple of times and then it seems to pause and then back to flashing quickly and so forth but I am old and I may be seeing things . I have the s3 advanced license with super star  the ,control lights in play in the SE  is checked. What am I doing wrong and why does this happen on the day I start the season  .lo l please help js

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If you are playing using the sequence editor, make sure the "Control Lights" option is checked under the SE's "Play" menu...and as stated already, make sure you don't have the show player or HWU running. Understand, this is for playing using the SE only..

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