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RGB Mega tree strings flickering


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I know there are many topics concerning this but none seem to address the issue I am having. First my configuration, My mega tree has 32 - 50 pixel strings broken into 11 universes so 3 strings per universe. I have the strings configured pixel 1 at he bottom of the first string 51 at the top of the second string and 101 at the bottom of the third string with power injection between pixel 100 and 101 . I am using a Sandevice E382 controller and two power supplies, one at 150 watt and the other is 100 watt and the pixels are the WS2811 Technicolor's from Ray( no modifications to the strings). Out of the 11 universes 2 of them have very drastic flickering especially when they are supposed to be off. The following is the steps I have taken to resolve this with no luck.


1. I swapped the first offender to a different universe but it still flickers.

2. I disconnect the input cable from the first string and leave the power injection between string 2 and 3, stops flickering

3. With string 1 reconnected I disconnected the power injection cable from the end of string 2, string 1 and 2 continue to flicker

4. I disconnect string 1 from the controller output and connect string 3 to the output and no flicker on string 3


I cannot disconnect between strings 1 and 2 due to it being 17 feet in the air. I may have to lower it to check it.


Question 1  Since all three strings are flickering, wouldn't the problem be in the first string or can it be fed back from one of the other strings?

Question 2 If the answer is no feed back from the other strings then wouldn't the problem be in the first pixel?



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 I will open by saying I maybe taking apples and oranges here, but on my single dumb DMX network I had strange flickering and tried swapping controllers, data cables, unit IDs and lights. Nothing worked. For me, it turned out to be a bad power supply causing flickering on the network. I will admit to using the very cheapest power supplies I could find.



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I did disconnect the controller from network(forgot to mention that in the OP). And I have replaced the power supply because I burned up the first one(didn't realize I was drawing 134 watts on a 120 watt supply). And this is a quality PS.

Thanks for chiming in though.

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When you say flickering, are they flickering random colours or are the sometimes working sometimes not. My thoughts immediately lead to a power issue.

I would make a test sequence start with first strip on red, then second strip red and work your way across leaving them all on as you go. If they work to a point and then flicker it's a power issue. Once you have done red try a color that requires all the RGB to draw power. White works best

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It is random colors that are flickering, it is only on 3 of the 32 strings now(one universe) it is not a power issue(at least common power) because all of the other universes are fine and this one is one of the middle universes. As I said in the OP I switched the strings to a different universe and they were still flickering.


UPDATE: As suggested by sticks4legs I created a test sequence. If I run red, green or blue the others still flicker. If I run all white I see no flickering.

Also the first pixel seems to run OK its just the other 149 pixels of that universe that are flickering. And I have already replaced the first two pixels because of this problem.

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Do you have any other program running that will command E1.31 such as LOR and xLights...at the same time? Both will send commands but you only want one.

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