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Show is playing sequences randomly

David Rise

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Hi everyone,

This is the first and only issue that I'm having this year.  My show is running on my show computer, which has been turned off since the last show from last year.  

I turned it on, loaded my sequences, added a show, and they are playing randomly.  I did not turn on this function. nHonestly, I didn't know it even existed.  


How do I turned this off, so the show will run in the order I choose when I created the show using the simple show builder?

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I know how to do in it show editor, but not simple show builder

musical tab

you should see:

play in order or shuffle

pick the one you want and that should do it for you



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nope, that wasn't checked.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the program.  Seems to have worked.  So weird, that's never happened before.  Especially, since nothing had changed.

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