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Help: need to reconfigure channels- is there an easier way?


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So last year was my first year....


This year Im relocating my megatree (16 channels x 3 colors)


All my sequences are done with a controller for each of the 3 colors, so:

controller 1 is clear, channel 1 -16

controller 2 is red, channel 1-16

controller 3 is green, channels 1-16


That worked fine last year since I had to run extension cords to most the channels anyways....


THIS year I build a proper megatree and have the controller in the center.

It would be MUCH MUCH easier if I had setup my channels like this:

controller 1

ch1; clear 1

ch2: red 1

ch3: green1

ch4: clear2



IS there ANY way to re-assign channels without manually going into the channel utlilty, clicking the dropdowns, etc, etc?

Like, a way to export the channel file into a spreadsheet or xml so I can cut/paste?




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My suggestion would be to add a track. The track would be your mega tree. In the new track you could move the channels around any way you like.

This way what would be your Master Track will not be affected. If my memory is not going south you just can drag the channels in your Mega Tree track to the positions you want them to be.

I am sure if I left something out someone with more knowledge then I will chime in.

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No easier way....sorry. This is a feature many of us have asked for... the good news is that you only have to do it on one sequence, export the channel configuration and then import it into the others.

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Make absolutely CERTAIN that the channel order of the sequence into which you're importing a configuration matches EXACTLY with the channel order of the configuration you're importing. 


If it doesn't, bad things will happen ... very bad things.

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