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GEN controller controlled by my software


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Hi everybody,


First time considering using these products, and just a quick question. I need to control 200 incandescent 60w light bulbs individually, but I do not want to use the LOR control software. I work at a commercial theatre, and we already have a lighting system that uses DMX-512 to control all our current dimmers and intelligent lighting. Since these bulbs need to be individually controlled, my plan was to use the Gen 3 control boards (7 of them in fact). How would I go about addressing these boards for DMX control from an outside source? Do they use dip switches, or is there a software application that stores the address on the control board?  I looked around the LOR site, and most of the DMX consists of adding DMX devices to the LOR control software, not the other way around.





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If memory serves, when you assign an address to a controller, you are also setting the DMX values that it will respond to. Thus if you program it for 01, then it would respond to DMX 01-16. Setting the controller for 02, would have it respond to 17-32. Check the DMX info in the appendix of the documentation. 

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