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The LOR store saved Christmas this year

Box on Rails

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Just a quick shout out to the LOR store and service people for taking care of me this year. I found a broken cable on one of my CCP controller. Only the second strand would light up. HOLY POOP SANTA what am I going to do? I thought for sure that everyone would be out of stock on all Cosmic Color pixels. So the first place I went was to my Neighbor CLD Kevin's store, He was out of stock. so I to the LOR store figuring they would be out of stock too. Nope LOR had some. so I ordered one as fast as my fingers could click the mouse. YEAH11111 Christmas is saved this year. 


Attached is a picture of the issue with the CCP cable wire. :(  I started a service ticket with LOR and because I bought them in September this shouldn't of happen. Even the LOR service tech looked at the picture and said "I'll admit I've seen zillions of controllers yet nothing like your picture.  Bummer." So I'm gonna send it off today to be repaired. The Morel of this Christmas story is have a back up plan. If your finances can sustain any back up controllers have one. My finaces this year can the problem for me is I can't just have a controller laying around doing nothing. I can always find something for it to do in my show. Especially if it's a Cosmic color device.  :lol:  :lol: 



Kenny Jure


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