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Just wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone,


I feel thankful and Blessed I was able to connect with so many people on these Forums and thankful for the wisdom and knowledge of so many of you who answered all my Newbie questions, helped me out with suggestions and who helped me fix issues as they arose.


I only hope someday to gain the knowledge necessary to pass on and help those who are new to this wonderful (but expensive and time consuming) hobby.


Thankful for my family who put up with my C.L.A.P., thankful that I have a  job that is flexible to be able to get things done when they needed to be.


Most of all I am thankful to my Lord and Savior who allows me to live and breathe each day and is the reason I celebrate the Christmas season.


To all of you out these on this LOR forum, I truly wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and may you be blessed in ways you never knew possible.



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Thank you, and I would like to add my Thanks to all those who serve this country, especially those away from home, and all those who have served in the past. 

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