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Controller Issues

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I noticed that 2 of my controllers (both controlling my mega tree) seem to be sticking. I had the same setup last year and didn't have this issue. When I went to check that the wires are ok, I noticed the strangest thing. My last 3 controllers only stop blinking when both cat 5 cables are attached. Normally, only the wire coming in needs to be plugged in, but these need both to light up? My suspicion was the cat 5 cable, so I will try replacing that tonight. (Just had a problem with another one). But it seemed weird that they need both sides plugged in to light up. The ones that I am noticing are sticking are the last 2 controllers. It just seems like when they come on, they stay on until a different signal is sent to them and it appears to be all of the channels on both controllers. Has anyone heard of this happening before? These are CTB16PC Gen 3 controllers. I tried resetting one of them, by turning it off, pulling the jumper turning it on, then turning it off and replacing it. Upon powering back on, it had the same unit ID as before?

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