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1-8 Out


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Got 2 new cards assembled from LOR

tested they were good then set the IDs and now i get no channels 1-8

Have teted fuses all good

Using dual power so have swapped those connections still no left side Im lost

any ideas

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Check the fuse. Also if you have a multi meter check the power to the board and ensure its getting power. Sound like a power issue. Thats usually the problem if one whole side is not working.

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I had a similar condition occur yesterday.

This was a deluxe 16 channel board. Channels 1 - 7 would work. The rest would not. I isolated the board and ran my hardware utility. I had the board set to address 06, but the hardware utility read it as being set on address 05.

I turned off the power and set the address to 00 and turned on the power to reset the board. I then set the board to address 06. Problems solved.....it now works just fine.

Try resetting the address. This may solve your problem.

Also does board work using the hardware utility?

If so, check your channel configurations in your sequence editor.


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