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Hello all, it has been a bit since I have been on the site but I am back. The entire time away has been spent putting in wire and doing some planning. Those that remember me will remember that I had and still do have big plans for my landscape but because of family issues my focus was redirected to the indoors. One of my daughters needed to move back into our house and to make that happen I needed to finish the basement, I installed 1700 sq. ft. of flooring and ceiling along with refinishing all walls (after moving them) and on and on. In the process I installed the wire needed to light up the place,,,, big time.

  What I have done is custom build all of the trim in the basement to hold and hide lighting strips. The ceilings are white washed 1x6 planks and when mounted they provide imperfections, knots and uneven places. The lights completely surround the various ceiling areas and will shine across the ceiling casting shadows and so on.


Sorry but just got called out on a service call so I need to run but will be back shortly to finish.

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Sorry about that but when they call I go because they pay. But anyway my questions are most likely simple but not always short. First of all I have ran wire from the planned location of the power supplies and controllers to the location of each 16 foot strip (10- 60 pixel smart strips) several of these strips will be fragmented, cut and then extended to a separate location anywhere from 3' to 12' away. ( Is there a problem with doing that?)

I have all so set up my (for a lack of a better term) Command Center, it will house my computer, stereo, wireless mode, a small patch panel that will have connections to my wired lan and connections for 8 lighting networks half of which terminate at the before mentioned location of the power supplies and controllers. The controllers are were I am uncertain of what I want to use. I see large controllers that look to be able to handle up to 9 strips of smart pixels or at least they have 9 outputs. Then there are the controllers that come with some strips and control just that strip. As far as software for the controllers I prefer LOR, possibly because it is what I have spent most of my time playing with and it seems to be much more user friendly, important because the programming of sequences will be done by people of various ages and skill levels.


So using LOR to control what would you suggest for controllers?  Price is important but is after flexibility and features. This is a stand alone network, and not sure if there is a problem with possibly 10.................. maybe even 11 smart strips on the one network.





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