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Train: Shake up Christmas


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Anyone got a version they would be willing to share. Getting a late start on this years sequencing and could use something to help me get started.



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I'd love a copy if you're still sharing,..beachmana23@yahoo.com. Thank you very much in advance, it's most appreciated :)

Opps sorry email is: beachmama23@yahoo.com

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James... May I have a copy of what you have to... Thanks again in advance


here are the drop boxes for the approx 78 sequences that I have....


I just hope people remember the military and their families in their shows...





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I would like a copy of this sequence.  I thank you for sharing your sequences as it has allowed me to have a diverse list of songs to choose from that I would not otherwise have.  I work Retail and have little time off during the year working 60 plus hours a week and without people like you, Sarge, Matt Stuart, as well as many others in this Forum my display would be lacking to say the least.


Thank you,




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