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I am very new to setting up a show and it seems I know just enough to get into trouble.  If anyone is willing to answer some questions for me that would be greatly appreciated.  This is my first year (pretty obvious after you read some of my questions) and I started off with 6 controllers.  I have 4 sequences that I plan to run every every half hour.


I am trying to test my controllers to make sure that they are all linked correctly and that my show will play before actually setting them all out in the yard.  I currently have them all set up right next to one another linked with a short cat V cable and a set of mini lights in each channel.  My first unit is a G3-Mp3 Showtime director with a 16 channel controller built in.  I have two additional newer 16 channel commercial controllers with the screens on them and three older commercial controllers.  All of them are the 30 amp models.  


I bought the showtime director because I thought it would be a little more plug and play then trying to control the unit from the computer.  Basically after I had the show set up I could just let it start when it was scheduled and it would operate with less issues that trying to put one more piece of technology in the loop.  


I have tried to setup a show with the simple show editor and everything seems to be fine...It loads onto the card and lets me know it is finished.  I then eject the card (I'm so desperate that I am even ejecting the card the right way).  That is where I am having some issues.  When I go to plug the card into the showtime director it says "err no show on SD card"  I have tried to clean the card several time as well as use a different SD card with the same results.  I'm assuming that I am missing something simple but I can't find it on any of the forums.  It is probably somewhere in the setup but I am so overwhelmed that I don't know where to look first.  


If anyone reading this is in the Southwest Michigan area I would be happy to pay you to stop by and help.

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try loading a show using the hardware utility....


On the second tab, its says mp3 or something like that...   It has some differant settings that you can change to see if you can get it to work...  I like using it better than the simple show builder, gives more options...

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