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First in Norway? My display


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Would like to start of by saying thank you to so many of you in here, that has helped me understand Light-o-rama, and answered me on all my question. Also thanks to people who have shared sequences, to give me the idea of how to make sequences. A special thank goes to http://www.holidaysequences.com who have sold me all my sequences for the CCR tree.


Last night I was able to power up my display for the first time. Took about 2 minutes before first neighbor came to congratulate me.


Have not recorded any video yet, but here is the first picture.


As a newbie, the display this year is not that big, but my house is also kind of small.


I have a 16 CCR tree, 6 RGB floods and 6 dumb RGB strings.



Merry Christmas Everyone

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Nice work; the LOR addiction only gets worse from here forward.  Wait until next year!  By the way, I bought all my pixel tree sequences from Holiday Sequences too; he does great work and it's a real time saver. 

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