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I have a couple older CTB 16 controllers mixed with newer gen 3's.  Last year I had a little bit of "ghosting" problems on one older controller.  We moved and now the whole thing is a mess.

As soon as you plug the power to the first controller half of the light freak out.  Thought it might be a problem with a wireless mouse since the com ports seem to be confused.  It was trying to use the wireless adapter as and ELL.  Ive added one brand new controller this year but I took it out of the equation to rule things out.  Anybody ever had a bad cat 5?  Controller #f1 need to be reset?   Im lost.  Hardware utility finds different controllers everytime you refresh....sometimes all and sometimes half


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Get the ELL out of the mix for now. Do a reset on the controllers. (See manuals for detailed instructions.)

A bad CAT5 could also cause problems.


Once you get the wired working, then worry about the ELL.

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