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Another problem.


Regular network has 8 16-channel controllers: 1-8, 8 flood lights (1 controller: 09), mega tree with 12 ccp strings(12 controllers: 0A-15), star with 2 ccp strings (1 controller: 16)


Aux network has 10 ccp strings(5 controllers).  What do I assign the first controller in this aux network, 17 or 18?


When I am working with the second network, in configuration dialog before exporting to SE, "Unit ID of the first Ribbon Controller: 0A".  Is it right?

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Are you using an imported visualization? Click on the Tools menu and select Layout. In the Layout dialog box it will say if you are in CCR mode, or Visualization mode. If you are in visualization mode all of the unit IDs are obtained from the visualization. The settings in the Configuration dialog box have no effect when you are in visualization mode.

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If I'm understanding you correctly, you have all of your controllers on the regular network on up through the CCP tree and a star that has two strings. The controller for the star uses unit IDs 16 and 17 for the two strings connected to it. So 16 and 17 would go on the regular network. The Aux network would start at 18.


Yes, the unit ID of first ribbon controller would be 0A

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